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Craft Bakers Geary's rebranded to showcase their heritage which is now in its fourth generation of bakers. A new brochure CMS website was developed to highlight their unique brand and high-quality artisan bread.

Gearys Craft Bakers, Brochure CMS website

##The Challenge Cheltenham brand and packaging design agency, Hurricane approached Doddle to develop a brochure CMS website for their client Geary's. Hurricane worked with Geary's to develop a new brand that reflects the heritage of the company and a website to match. Transition's job was to turn their great design into an easy to use, content management system.


The Solution

Working with the Managing Director, Meg Billcliff, Doddle consulted on the technical aspects of the project, providing advice and options for each required feature. Hurricane wanted to have a CMS that was easy to use — providing a framework that can be built upon in the future, as and when innovations are required. The content management system, Perch Runway was selected for its speed, ease of use for the client and SEO credentials.

The new website design has a lot of great photographs along with a video. Doddle implemented a system for managing photos which does not interrupt the clients' workflow. The site allows the client to upload files securely and efficiently. They are then transferred to a CDN for optimisation before serving back to the CMS resulting in fast page loads.

Hurricane also worked with Singularity Film on a promotional video for the homepage. The video is part of a slider which pauses when the user hovers over the slide and is fully responsive; this posed some technical challenges for us to overcome. The slider needed to continue to scroll if the video has finished or is paused. Using ES6 JavaScript allowed us to overcome this challenge with a few lines of well-constructed code.

All these elements constructed a semantically well-structured site which is fast and search engine friendly, helping to reinforce Geary's brand and encourage engagement from their partners and customers.

The Results

Working collaboratively with Hurricane and Singularity Film to deliver all the elements of this project has proved a great success. Geary's are overjoyed with the results, and Doddle continue to support them providing hosting and maintenance.

The collaboration continues as we are now working on a second website for Geary's promoting a new line of products.

Doddle created a fully responsive website that was exactly as we had designed. Their technical knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. The project was effortless, they were quick to respond to questions, friendly and easy-going. Any issues were resolved quickly and without fuss. We felt confident in their ability to take the brief and deliver, first time. We look forward to working with them in the future and would of course recommend him to others without hesitation.

Meg Billcliff, Hurricane Design

Meg Billcliff, Managing Director

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