WordPress Help Cheltenham and Gloucester

Ad-hoc technical support

Do you need help fixing a WordPress issue? Doddle Agency can help with hacked sites, error and bug fixing, migrations, malware clean-up and security protection.

We fix everything from plugin conflicts to the dreaded ‘white screen of death’. Whatever your WordPress problem, our team can take a look and get it fixed pronto.

How we have helped clients

We can fix most WordPress issues quickly and without any hassle if you have a problem with your WordPress site.

Fix a hacked site

In the event that your site has been defaced by a malicious third party, it is important to not only clean the infection, but also prevent it from happening again in the future.

Updating issues

It is imperative that WordPress, as well as all plugins and themes, be updated. It is possible for updates to cause conflicts or errors or clash with web server settings such as PHP versions. We'll take care of everything for you.

Fix configuration

A WordPress configuration file sets up the main features and links your site and database. Having an error in this file will result in it breaking your site.

WordPress migration

Are you moving your website? We will handle it for you, ensuring 100% uptime and consistency of data. In addition to changing DNS, we can also preview your site at the new location before it goes live.

Hosting and maintenance

Do you need a home for your website? Doddle can host and maintain your WordPress site with friendly, non-technical advice from real people you can talk to on the phone.

Site reviews

To ensure everything is working properly, we can review your current site, theme, and plugins. We can help you get the most out of your investment.

Whenever we resolve a WordPress issue or take on a WordPress task, we assign it to an experienced WordPress expert, whose main objective is to ensure that you are satisfied with the service.

How much is the service and is there a minimum charge?

Our WordPress support is £67 ex Vat an hour. There is a minimum charge of an hour, and most problems are resolved within a max of two hours. In general, we can fix 99% of WordPress problems within two hours.

Why trust Doddle to look after your WordPress site?

We have 30 years of industry experience, working extensively with WordPress. There aren’t many WordPress specific issues that we haven’t been asked about! And we still actively develop for the CMS to this day.

Questions? Perhaps we have an answer below

Below are some answers to our most common questions. If you can't find an answer, why not give us a call.

Do you guarantee to fix my WordPress site

This isn’t possible due to a huge range of unknown variables. However, in our experience, this is rare, and we’ll always try to offer a solution.

Is there a minimum charge

Yes, there is a minimum charge of an hour which is £67 ex Vat.

Why is there a minimum charge

In order to help, we need to gather account details, back up the current site, assess the problem and probably gather additional information. This rarely takes less than an hour, so we’d prefer to be upfront and transparent about costs.

Is it necessary for you to have access to my admin?

Yes – We will need to have a look under the hood at some point. Before we proceed, we will send you our non-disclosure agreement. This document outlines exactly what we will and will not do to your site. During our work on your site, we will act in the strictest confidence.

Are you based in the UK?

Yes, of course. Located in Gloucestershire, we serve clients across the country. We employ all our team members full-time and in-house. Support tickets are not outsourced or handled by freelancers.

Do you only work with companies in Gloucester and Cheltenham

Absolutely not, we have clients from America to the UAE. However, most are UK based and are spread far and wide.

Are you a real agency?

We work out of our office in Southgate House, Gloucester, if you are in the area, why not pop in for a coffee sometime?

I'm looking for someone to build our new site, can you help?

Yes! Absolutely; we have built hundreds of WordPress sites and can help with project planning, design, development and content.

Are open 24 hours a day?

No – this would require asking staff to work unsocial hours. We are open during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

Can’t find an answer?

In case you didn't find the answer to your question above, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.