The importance of page performance

How quickly your site visitors can access pages can have a direct influence over sales conversion rates from a site. It is therefore vitally important that your website gives visitors a smooth and efficient customer experience.

One way of achieving this is by Cloud hosting. The advantage this offers is that it spreads data across different servers, offering a number of key benefits, not the least of which is improved page loading speed.

At Doodle we advise all our clients on the best hosting platforms and server arrangements so that their websites perform to the best of their ability.

We scan industry news, comment and developments to ensure that we are constantly appraised of the most efficient services available. So for example in 2021 Google have announced that a customer’s page experience will become a ranking factor. With Google presence so critical for many companies, we are ensuring that clients sites are optimised for efficient page viewing.

All hosting packages we offer conform to industry standards, offering daily off-site backup solutions and conforming to ISO 14001 (Environmental Sustainability) and ISO 27001 (Data Security) standards.

For this and other initiatives relating to website hosting and management why not give Ben or grant a ring on 01452 221222 or visit our website below to find out more.