E-commerce – the importance of getting it right…

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the buying habits of millions of people worldwide, and certainly here in the UK.

During successive lockdowns and restrictions, customers who once wanted an ‘in-store’ experience have either been forced or chosen to buy online.

Whilst some of that business may be going back to physical stores as societies open up, the importance of a good online shopping experience is here to stay.

Customers now have ever-increasing expectations of the e-commerce shops they access. Unfortunately, many businesses, including some of the retail giants, are failing to meet those expectations. As a result losing business, opportunity and reputation. If you sell online – how good is your e-commerce offering. If you need one but haven’t yet invested, do you know where to start and what’s appropriate for your business?

Industry research suggests that a particular weakness in many sites is search support – with nearly a third of all product searches ending in vain, highlighting an e-commerce dilemma; if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it. Other issues include mobile responsiveness, no results pages, the number of results, synonym management, and autocomplete functionality.

At Doddle, we have multi-platform experience creating and maintaining e-commerce sites for our clients. From Snipcart for entry-level sellers to custom-built stores, we offer design, maintenance, and strategy across the e-commerce spectrum.

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